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Anne’s message

Anne Fine

Hello again, all you hundreds and thousands of bookplate fans, back to print off another one.

Will you be hunting down something new, one of the brilliant recent arrivals? Or will you remain faithful to one or another of your old favourites out of more than 200 bookplates for all ages - some in colour, some black and white - freely downloadable from our terrific site.

Every day, we get messages from people who've just been told about us, or have stumbled upon The Home Library by accident. Schools, families and libraries all over the world: they're all delighted with our bookplates. Some of you are even making requests for different wordings that will suit you better. We do listen, and have already added a page of plates for books that are donated to your library.

For new visitors, let me assure you our bookplates can be used any way you like (except for commercial purposes). Some people print onto sticky labels; others print on paper, then use scissors and glue. (Don't forget you can always print out the black and white plates on coloured paper. Some look remarkably different against a fresh background.)

We know a lot of teachers who use our bookplates for rewards. (You can keep your computer-mad pupils happy printing them out for you).

Mothers stick them in their babies' first picture books. And babysitters tell us that some of the black and white ones are perfect for "colouring in before bedtime".

If you have to get a present for your brother, sister or best friend, and you're not feeling rich, then think about using one of our bookplates to personalise the perfect choice of book from a charity shop or second-hand book shop. They're brilliant for blotting out the last person's name. (In fact, they're so good that more and more bookshops are giving them out free - or is it in the hope customers will buy more books just to have something to stick them in?)

Everyone needs a Home Library. Make sure that yours keeps growing. Don't forget that books furnish the mind, and unfurnished minds are EMPTY and TIRESOME.

So keep on reading. And if you're really stuck for an idea of what to read next, don't forget you can always slide across to to look for the perfect book for you to stick that bookplate in ...

(Not now! After you've chosen your bookplate!)

Love, Anne


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